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The pickleball world could look a lot different in 2025. Rumors have begun to swirl about the paddle certification process under UPA. A change here could result in consumers paying even more for paddles.

Thomas and Zane debate who won last week’s MLP trade frenzy and share the details from a visit to Proton HQ. Catch the new episode here.

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0:00 Intro

4:07 Thomas vistis Proton HQ in Phoenix

10:40 “Wait Thomas isn’t bad”

12:30Alleged price of new UPA-A certification on Twitter

18:05 Raising the barrier of entry for paddle brands

25:57 Is the leak just a shock test?

32:16 JOOLA officially files suit

35:30 Hustlers sweep MLP D.C.

38:16 Utah trades waiver position

49:05 Vulcan version 2 in play

50:27 What would make for the best documentary?

54:38 Work for Zane

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