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James Ignatowich joins the pod from a Sonic parking lot in Kansas City. He breaks down his match-of-the-year contender from TOC and explains why he wasn’t a candidate in the Riley Newman partner sweepstakes. 

Zane and Thomas cover Zane’s injury and recap their head-to-head results from last week. 

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Show Notes:

0:00 Podcasting is hard

6:20 Rec matches with Maurice the Grease

10:20 Is your goose cooked in singles?

17:01 If James can make it anyone can

20:20 An eye for talent – evaluating Dallas Pickleball Club

25:14 The best teammate in pickleball

33:20 Snubbed in the Riley Newman partner search

39:10 The latest from ProXR

46:00 James’ first round loss at TOC

55:20 Pat Smith’s resurgence + Zane’s injury

1:04:50 Ranchers new ownership group and Teqball

1:06:10 Stop Alzheimer’s Now questions

1:11:58 Collin vs Matt on the right side

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