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Paddles were dropping left and right at MLP Dallas. Zane estimates that 90% of paddles were ruled out via PPL testing before the event. Affected pros were left searching for legal paddles. The boys recap the MLP action including Federico Staksrud’s blow-up on Saturday, the now infamous two-become-one rule, and all of the vuvuzela noise.

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Show Notes

0:15 Zane wants another shot at the DC squad

5:58 Not playing in Nationals

7:23 If Ben and ALW played men’s how far would they go?

8:40 A frantic call from Tropickleball about the Detroit Bounce tourney

10:48 Paddle drama is at an all-time high – assumed 90% fail

16:31 The law of diminishing grit

21:44 Two-become-one foot fault rule against Daescu

25:03 Vuvuzuela’s hard to listen to

27:49 Staks got out of hand, earned an Orange Card and a record fine

32:09 A shocker that the Black Diamonds didn’t make the cut

33:34 Shadows covered the court in Dallas

35:07 Alshon takes the MVP award

38:02 New 2024 schedule released

42:24 Thomas is struggling to find games in Austin

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