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Description: Zane and Thomas address the mud that is being slung around the pickleball world. New podcasts and Twitter have provided a platform for players to defend themselves and point fingers and Zane says he’s “Here for it.” On the heels of an epic comeback from William Sobek, the guys debate the best comebacks of all time. Listener questions are answered in support of Stop Alzheimer’s Now.

Show Notes:

4:46 The new Tyler Loong pod

11:30 Dissecting the drama

18:00 Chasing clout or high school drama?

26:15 Pass/fail/pass on Tyler’s new paddle

28:25 Zane Affleck folklore

33:00 Betting announced in pickleball

36:01 NYC Open Sobek vs The Wolf and the best comebacks

44:12 No taps for you

50:38 Randall Emmett doc

55:49 Stop Alzheimer’s Now question submissions

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