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On a new episode of PicklePod, Zane and Thomas cover the PPA Indoor National Championships. James Ignatowich stole the show on the court and on the mic. Zane explains how players can build a personal brand. The guys discuss possible options to replace the coveted MLP Dreambreaker. There’s still time for you to be a guest on the show – jump in the comments and leave a review.


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Show Notes:

0:00 Intro

3:02 One commenter leading the race

5:00 The walking meme James Ignatowich

8:58 Building a personal brand

14:05 Biggest revenue stream

16:50 Auditing Zane’s game

22:10 The Alshon vs Ignatowich ‘beef’

26:50 Pickle is more entertaining when you don’t know who will win

28:35 Salome Devidze vs Lea Jansen – we’re going to need more refs

33:10 Zane’s rules for bad line calls

36:43 DJ’s paddle smash will change the rules for players

43:44 Players using their phone mid-match

52:12 The next step of stats is actionable takeaways

57:25 Having a ‘Good Side’ changes a match

1:05:10 Is the Dreambreaker the correct way to break a tie?

1:09:24 The Savannah Bananas of pickleball

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