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Back in March, leaders from pickleball’s top organizations gathered under one roof at the racquetX Conference to discuss the future of the game. The Dink’s own Thomas Shields led a panel that included:

Anne Worcester – Strategic advisor, MLP

Bryce Morgan – President, PPA Tour

Tom Webb – Chief Marketing Officer, APP

Mike Nealy – Chief Executive Officer, USA Pickleball

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Show Notes:

0:00 Intros

2:33 Insights from professional tennis

6:50 Amateur participation growth

14:05 Challenges to build the next great pro sport

20:40 Running a startup organization in a startup industry

24:50 How is USA Pickleball adapting?

26:30 The growth of pickleball internationally

31:01 Creating a space for the youth to play

37:39 International regulation for grass roots growth

41:02 Is there room for two tours?

47:22 IS software development a focus?

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