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US tennis icon and former sexiest man alive James Blake defends pickleball on the PicklePod. Blake is an owner in Major League Pickleball and an advocate for the sport. The Twitter trolls have been blowing up Blake’s DMs and he has a message for the haters. Pickleball is here to stay.

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Show Notes:

0:00 Sexiest tennis player alive according to People Magazine

4:30 James Blake ends pickleball vs tennis debate

9:28 Pickleball poaching players before they reach tennis

15:34 Has tennis reached a plateau in the US?

19:29 Roddick proponent and opponent

26:10 See the game up close for true appreciation

28:43 An open ear with Major League Pickleball

33:10 Zane questions if team pickleball is a gimmick

38:05 Let’em yell or make it civil

45:04 Rapid Fire: Tennis stars get graded

49:55 Best predictor of pickleball success

55:22 Pickleball itself is a gimmick according to trolls

59:38 Listner questions for Stop Alzheimer’s Now

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