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What’s your DUPR? Are you above or below the average player? DUPR CEO Tito Machado breaks down how the game is exploding among younger players and in more countries.

Plus Zane and Thomas recap events from MLP Atlanta including illegal substances, players earning penalties, and a dust-up between The 5’s and Hustlers.

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0:00 Big time college grad

5:13 Initial takeaway from MLP Atlanta

9:32 #Freethefreeze

14:11 A new serve rule for MLP

18:47 Tiered points system

23:34 An Illegal substance found on a paddle

26:03 Getting rowdy with the Hustlers

30:01 Dekel launches a ball onto Grandstand court

32:46 The $2.5 million dollar man

36:32 Tito Machado joins the pod

40:06 Fake profiles and the DUPR Police

42:02 What’s the status?

44:13 The Great Divide

50:02 Where is pickleball growing internationally

53:04 Getting younger, younger, and younger

57:11 Get started in The Dink Minor Leagues

1:04:34 The fastest-growing groups

1:07:30 Should pros be allowed in college events

1:13:45 What’s on the horizon?

1:18:08 5.0s used to be the standard

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