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Lea Jansen joins the pod after her first singles title in nearly three years. We discuss paddle technology, her return to singles, drug testing, and the new wave of players in the women’s game.

A big change is imminent in the pro game. Find out what Lea would change to help the game keep up with other professional sports.

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0:00 Zane demands a trade

4:29 What you’re hearing about JOOLA

6:28 Lea joins the pod

11:09 Why Lea retired from singles

16:10 Also retired from Twitter

20:50 Drug testing and line calls

25:10 Refs fandom an issue

32:09 Want a grievance system

36:46 Inconsistencies in paddle testing

42:22 Only a high-profile incident will create change

44:07 Should be able to capitalize on natural advantages

49:24 Bringing a stack of paddles to be tested

53:56 The upper limit of power

1:00:31 Devil’s advocate on bad line calls

1:02:30 Power ranking beefs

1:07:50 Women’s players that are on the rise

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