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What happens when a former Challenger Level MVP enters the league mid-season? Jill Braverman shares the scramble prior to last week’s Wavier Period and more.

➡️ Details emerge on the JOOLA vs USA Pickleball lawsuit

➡️ Jill shares the reason she decided to rejoin MLP

➡️ Will equipment sales follow the same pattern as golf?

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0:00 Going deep in the JOOLA vs USA Pickleball suit

4:46 What happened to Ronbus and Vatic?

7:55 What should USAP have done?

9:36 Liability insurance in place?

10:35 The Prolite Apex paddle

13:05 Explaining the violation of rule 2.E.6.F

15:19 Why is the GearBox Pro still allowed?

18:17 Zane taking paddles to lab

20:10 Is the advantage that severe?

23:30 The timing of UPA-A entering the certification space

30:06 Focusing paddle performance instead of materials

32:16 Return of the challenge and preventative fines

34:35 Can player contracts help protect against fines?

38:08 Multi-level classification could be offered

40:54 Are paddle sales demonstrably down?

46:47 The Fab 5 Debacle

54:22 Behind the scenes of the crazy waiver shuffle

52:35 Is it necessary to makes moves?

57:42 Challenger players level will move to free agency after this year

1:01:29 What does MLP feel like?

1:04:45 Why did you hold out?

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