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Description: In this special edition of the PicklePod, Thomas is one on one with the most electrifying man in sports, Tyson McGuffin. To borrow from Jay-Z, Tyson is not a businessman, he is a business, man. McGuffin has set the precedent for building a brand in pickleball and is reaping the benefits. Take a look behind the curtain with the hardest working man in pickleball.


Show Notes: 

00:00 An intro for the man that needs no intro

7:40 The McGuffin empire explained 

10:50 Name all Revenue streams under the Mcguffin umbrella

16:01 “A nice little bag” Tournament + Camp

18:12 A new, more competitive Tyson is around the corner

21:46 Tyson paddles the Power Air

24:33 How can other pros improve their brand?

31:40 Sam Q is coming to pickleball

33:40 The Tour Wars would be a hell of a Netflix Documentary

39:20 Did you think you would be allowed to play MLP?

43:50 The most electrifying man in sports

50:00 Gaming the algorithm

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