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Lawsuits are popping up everywhere in the world of pickleball. We share the latest in a growing class action lawsuit. Ben Johns was caught on a hot mic at the PPA Sacramento Open, Zane shares his take.

The guys take a look at the upcoming MLP Washington D.C. event and revisit the unlikely James Ignatowich sticker fault.

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0:00 The class action lawsuit

6:30 Calling BS on the admin error

16:58 What’s the etiquette for rec play and illegal paddles?

23:29 Hot mics at the PPA Sacramento Open

30:30 Other hot mic moments

35:59 Play up the drama

39:00 Extended broadcast on FOX

41:48 George Killebrew joins UPA from Dallas Mavericks

43:50 MLP Washington D.C. and the Seattle rebrand

49:27 LOTTO joins the Brooklyn Aces ownership group

52:15 Are Ben and Collin still number one?

58:18 Big H and the pickleball grinders

1:01:27 Where to move for top pickleball training?

1:04:08 Papa Jimmy’s Sticker fault

1:08:44 Must win on your serve…again

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