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The first on-site DQ for paddle delamination, pickleball pro flips the bird to courtside heckler and a new rebel will sell you a juiced-up paddle. We thought we could get away with taking a week off but there is too much happening in the world of pickleball. We cover the Newport Beach Shootout, US Open, and results from the infamous Red Rock Open paddle challenge.  

Show Notes:

0:00 Twitter’s MVPs

3:55 Meme of the week

7:35 Mr. Bean meme 

10:40 One stream for all the pickleball drama

12:35 Altaf men’s win 

13:07 US Open pro results

16:18 The drama-filled Newport Beach Shootout

18:46 Ben and Collin lose to Newell and Locklear

21:09 One singles tournament per month

24:48 Six paddles exceed the limits during MLP testing

29:43 The challenge results from PPA Red Rock Open

34:35 What happened with the Ansboury DQ

42:53 Lea Jansen’s response to Red Rock results

47:37 The guy juicing paddles

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