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Pickleball’s most analytic player joins the pod for some high-level paddle talk and low-key trash talk. Johns shares his opinion on the new round of paddlegate and why testing will always be chasing innovation.

He weighs in on the Tour Wars cease-fire and how pickleball has benefitted from competition over the last 3 years. And finally, Collin addresses his haters about covering 30% of the court and his feud with net cords.

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Show Notes:

0:00 Collin and Zane get into business

3:36 The new paddlegate

9:01 The current level of testing

12:54 The difference between innovation and cheating

20:39 Jilly B calls out ‘biggest cheater in the game’

31:30 The players’ responsibility

38:48 The Johns’ status during the Tour Wars

45:30 Recapping the merger 

51:52 Matt Wright’s longevity – CJ’s potential partners

57:52 The benefit of the Newman/Wright breakup

1:01:00 The Johns winning strategy

1:08:23 FanDuel lost money setting odds on the Johns

1:09:45 Bryan Bros interest in pickle

1:15:48 Steve Kuhn’s official resignation

1:18:39 Why the net cord hates Collin

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