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Zane is still on his honeymoon so we’ve compiled some of the best moments so far this year. Catch some of our favorites here and go back and listen to your favorite personalities in the game.

Show Notes:

0:00 Intro

3:19 Collin Johns – Building Ben’s backhand

12:22 Anna Leigh Waters – Insane fan stories

15:32 Riley Newman – The Pancake Grip

22:30 Riley Newman – DJ Selkirk’s song choice

25:36 Zane’s win over the Johns Bros

30:50 Lea Jansen – Unretiring from singles

34:48 Travis Rettenmaier – The demise of pickleball

44:45 Jaume Martinez Vich – Pickleball Sugar Mamas

46:03 Dekel Bar – Neutralizing a big serve

50:49 Jimmy Miller – Vulcan ball remake

56:14 Augie Ge – Unorthodox training

59:22 Dan Martinson – Zane’s most offensive shot

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