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Time to check in with pickleball GOAT Ben Johns. Ben went on Twitter to address the paddle delamination issue and started a fire. He goes deeper into how to test for delamination and why power is a problem. We touch on all the controversies facing the pro game including white paddles, match schedules, and rule changes. Ben even provides a history lesson on some of Pickleball’s OG’s. You can’t miss this episode with Pickleball’s top dog.

Show Notes:

3:02 The tweet that starts the delamination fire

7:20 How the deflection test really works

12:11 Somewhere between a wooden paddle and tennis racquet

19:19 US Open rule change

24:14 An ultrasonic test could be the solution for delamination

31:04 The pickleball OG’s

37:01 What does a top player look like 10 years from now?

41:12 Riley Newman’s unique style may be helping and hurting

45:00 Ben will not be playing pickleball in 2033

50:07 The right-side player will be left-handed in the future

56:30 James Ignatowich’s quick ascension

1:00:30 Ben’s close alignment with the PPA Tour and MLP feelings

1:07:14 Who The 5’s should have picked last in the draft

1:12:00 White paddle sh*t

1:17:45 Pro players wait to speak out – Seeking more transparency

1:25:54 Let’s schedule and promote big matches

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