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There is huge breakup news in the world of pro-mixed doubles. The superteam of Riley Newman and Anna Bright has called it quits. Also in this episode, Zane rates the moves of the MLP Shuffle Draft and crushes on his AI alter ego. It’s the last chance to be a guest on the PicklePod. Jump in the YouTube comments and let us know who is the Shooter McGavin of pickleball. 

Show Notes:

0:00 Imparting emotional damage – Zaney rules tourney

2:50 The first strike in the feud with Dylan Frazier

4:40 Zane crushes on his alter ego w/ @memesofpickleball

9:05 The court of public opinion

10:50 DJ Young was issued the first fine in PPA Tour history

14:59 Zane analyzes MLP Challenger Shuffle Draft 

21:05 Swapping Chuck Taylor for Daniel De La Rosa

24:07 AZ Drive add Heather Nobler – DC drafts Amanda Hendry

27:20 Scott Doerner = Sick hands, still learning to dink

29:50 Intrigue surrounding Hurricane Tyra Black to the Aces 

34:25 Anna Bright abandons Riley Newman

38:30 Zane’s solution for players dropping out of the back draw

Memesofpickleball post

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