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The best online sportsbook betting bonus that we have found is from PointsBet.

The NHL Bubble or Bubbles have begun. The action on the ice today begins with the Flyers vs Bruins, after a dramatic finish to the Montreal vs Pittsburgh game on opening night. Online sportsbooks are taking action a high percentage of action on both teams and a much larger than normal handle on the NHL in general. So, which online sportsbook is the best one to sign up for if you’re looking to bet on hockey? Right now we aren’t seeing a ton of hockey specific promos, but are predicting a slew of NHL bonuses in time for the playoffs. Currently there is only one deal running that caught the TPN bonus guys’s eye. It’s a solid insurance policy for your first NHL bet at PointsBet.
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The promo is called Lead By 2 You Win. PointsBet will actually pay out the first $50 staked on your first NHL MoneyLine bet, if your team goes up by 2 goals at any point. So if you bet on the Avalanche and they take a 2 goal lead in the first period, you get up to $50 payed out. If you bet more the rest of your wager is still in play.

TPN Bonus Rating:

We wish PointsBet would bump it up to the first $100 paid out early on a 2 goal lead. Considering that you can only get this one once. However if you’re new to PointsBet you also are getting the four x $250 risk free bets & pointsbetting plays or the deposit match in free bets signing bonus. So in that case the Lead By 2 Goals bonus is just gravy.

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