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Multiplied payouts and losses are what make Pointsbetting both the riskiest and most rewarding new way to bet online.

A player at Pointsbet New Jersey was sold on the Ravens. In fact, they were was so sold on the Ravens -11 points vs Tennessee, that they staked $250 per point on BAL in the Pointsbetting market. That meant $250 per-point by which the Ravens would cover the spread. However it also meant $250 per point by which the Ravens would not cover the big spread.

So, this bold online bettor took at big hit. Shockingly, the Ravens lost the game 28-12, causing the player to lose 27 times their stake on the Pointsbetting bet. This means an epic total loss of $6,750.

Another player went for $80 per point on the UNDER 50 in the Texans-Chiefs game. The score would balloon to 82 points combined, costing this player a huge loss of $2,560. How could this be? Well, the UNDER was exceeded by 32 points. 32 points times $80 equals $2560 loss.

This highlights the big time risk reward that can be gone-for in the Pointsbetting market at PBNJ. Speaking of reward, there were some big winners this week at Pointsbet too.

A player won $2,000 at $250 per Pointsbetting point on the 49ers as nine point favorites. To break it down; the Pointsbetting spread was SF -9. The 49ers won the game 27-10. That’s a 17 point win and an 8 point cover. $250 times eight comes to a $2000 win.

Similarly, a Pointsbet player cleaned up by Pointsbetting the Texans-Chiefs game. At $45 a point on the OVER of 52, that’s a 30 point cover. Multiply it by $45 and that’s a win of $1350.

Try Pointsbetting for free

Pointsbetting is a foreign concept to most US online sportsbook players. It’s from Australia, so it’s new to everyone here but the Aussie market loves it. If you are in New Jersey and want to give Pointsbetting a shot, then now is the time to signup for an account at Pointsbet. You can try this new high risk/reward bet type risk-free if you do.

For a limited time you can get two risk-free bets of up to $500 to match your first deposit. So if you deposit $100, you’ll get a $100 Risk-Free Bet for a fixed odds play (standard spread, moneyline, prop, etc). Then, you’ll also get a risk-free $100 bet to try a Pointsbetting wager.

More information on Pointsbetting.

What is Pointsbetting?

Pointsbeting is an exciting way to bet with more risk/reward. You wager a dollar amount per-point by which the spread (or total) is covered, or not covered. The amount of points why which your bet wins, or by which it falls short, is then multiplied by the per-point dollar amount. The result is your total win, or your loss.

Why are the Pointsbetting spreads and totals different?

Pointsbet sets different lines in the Pointsbetting market than they do in the standard fixed odds market. Pointsbetting lines reflect game circumstances and probability of a wider or slimmer cover, as the winning or losing margin determines the payout or the loss.

Can I lose more with Pointsbetting?

Yes. You can lose more than a standard bet because the loss is a multiple of your wager depending on by how many points your bet falls short. However, you can customize a Pointsbetting bet by setting a win/loss limit on the bet ticket. So, if you want to limit your win or your loss to three or five times your wager amount, you can do so.

Can I win more with Pointsbetting?

Yes. Depending on your per-point wager amount, you can win more on a single wager with Pointsbetting. The customizable win/loss limit option lets you control the amount of risk and reward on each bet.

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