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The NFL Draft continues on Friday with rounds 2 and 3. We break down the top quarterback betting props and current splits.

In round 1 of the NFL draft we saw four quarterbacks taken. However big names like Jalen Hurts, Jake Fromm and Jacob Eason are still on their respective couches waiting for a team to pick them.

Let.s look at the draft props and splits for remaining QBs according to DraftKings Sportsbook.

Player Draft Position – Quarterbacks

51% of the money and 41% of the bets are on Jalen Hurts to go OVER 55.5 at +110 Odds. The UNDER here has grown to a larger favorite at -137 odds at DraftKings.

The public thinks Jake Fromm will go UNDER 68.5, with 55% of the bets now on that side.

For Jacob Eason it looks like public and sharp money are both on the OVER 49.5. Eason to be picked before 50 is carrying 69% of the money and 57% of the total tickets.

What round will Jalen Hurts go in? Right now the lowest odds are on round 2. At -225 for Hurts to go in the 2nd round at DraftKings, this looks like a sure thing.

What Team will Draft Jalen Hurts?

Jalen Hurts is perhaps the most popular guy left on the board and the rumors are swirling. The former Oklahoma and Alabama QB is 6’2″, mobile AF and comfortable on the big stage.

So, what team will draft Jalen Hurts? Here are the odds according to the Draft Specials at DraftKings Sportsbook.

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Teams That Still Need a QB

There are QB draft inclined teams who have not even drafted yet.

First of all, The Patriots traded out of the 1st round last night. Now they have the fifth pick in round 2 tonight. That’s the 37th pick overall. However, the pats also have four picks in round 3.

The oddsmakers are predicting that the Pats will go defense with D Line and Safety both getting +400 odds at DraftKings. It’s +500 for the Pats to take a QB next and thats where 21% of the bets are.

Could the Colts use this pick on Jalen Hurts, Fromm or another QB?

Another team in QB need is The Colts. Indy traded out of the first round too. They landed 49ers star defensive tackle, DeForest Buckner. Now Indianapolis has the 2nd pick in the 2nd round tonight. Or, the 34th pick overall.

The online sports betting public doesn’t think so and neither do the oddsmakers at DraftKings. Its +500 odds for the Colts to go QB with their first pick in round 2. But, it’s +125 for Indianapolis to take a WR and that’s where 44% of the bets and 71% of the money is right now.

A team that really should get a quarterback for the future (nearer then further) is the Pittsburgh Steelers. Big Ben will go out to pasture soon and Jalen Hurts would make a lot of sense for the Steelers with the 49th overall pick.

Right now QB and Defensive Lineman are tied at +350 as the most likely position for the Steelers to draft next, followed by offensive lineman at +400. The money? 31 percent of the dough is on the Steelers to draft a wide receiver at +800 and so are 27 percent of the tickets at DraftKings.

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