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The Southeastern Conference (SEC) is typically known for football, but the basketball season has been terrific as well. This league always seems to get overlooked when discussing the top conferences, but that isn’t the case this season.

There are multiple teams from the SEC that have a shot to make a deep run in the NCAA Tournament, and a few could actually win the National Championship. The odds to win the SEC have changed significantly since the beginning of the year, and there is now a surprise team on top.

With only a handful of games left in the regular season, most of the SEC teams have actually been eliminated from contention. There is still a group full of talent at the top of the standings, but the betting options at this time are almost non-existing.

This is shaping up to be a fun finish in the SEC, and the conference tournament should be terrific as well. Here is a look at the current odds to win the SEC basketball title and a preview of the conference tournament.

Auburn is Massive Favorite

The analysts and pundits were expecting a couple of teams to dominate the SEC Conference this season, and you wouldn’t have seen Auburn on that list. The Tigers have been one of the best teams in the country this season, and they are now the SEC betting favorites at -450.

Head coach Bruce Pearl has his team playing with a ton of confidence, and few teams have been able to slow the Auburn Tigers down at all. As long as Auburn doesn’t completely fold down the stretch, then they should be the team to beat in this league.

Only Three Contenders Left

Since we are nearing the end of the regular season, betting odds are actually available for just three other teams in the SEC. Those teams and the odds look like this:

  • Kentucky +500
  • Tennessee +1200
  • Arkansas +6000

The only team with a realistic chance at catching Auburn is the Kentucky Wildcats. And even that feels like a stretch. Tennessee and Arkansas still have plenty of work to do, and they would need a complete collapse from Auburn to make it possible.

Crazy things have been happening in the SEC Conference all season long, but a bet on Kentucky is about the only safe option when looking at the odds.

Who Wins the SEC Tournament?

With so many great teams in the SEC, this should be a terrific conference tournament. There are only a couple of teams that don’t seem to have what it takes to win a game, but the rest of the field is full of talent.

Auburn might be the best team in the regular season, but it shouldn’t be surprising to see another team win the conference tournament. The Tigers have been an absolute offensive juggernaut this season, but the play will tighten up in the tournament.

With that in mind, look for the Kentucky Wildcats to win the SEC Tournament this season. Kentucky just has so much size, and they will be a tough team to deal with in a one-game playoff scenario.