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The NCAA Basketball Title will be set to kick off with March Madness on March 13th, 2022. Although we’re a month away from the official start date, the odds are definitely heating up. As always, you have the favorites that usually stay towards the top.

However, there are some underdog teams that could pull off an upset. So, how do you decide who to place a wager on?

We’re here to help by not just looking at the favorites to win, but the underdogs too. The NCAA is full of teams that can shock you, especially during March Madness.

We’ll start with the favorites and unveil the odds for the top candidates. Then, we’ll move onto some underdog teams before revealing the current top ten. In the end, we’ll give you our two favorite picks.

Favorites to win the 2022 NCAA Basketball Title

It shouldn’t be much of a surprise that Gonzaga is leading the pack for the 2022 NCAA Basketball Title. They have an incredible 17-2 record and have won ten straight games. They also have a great history of claiming NCAA Basketball Titles.

Currently, they have +600 odds to win it all during March Madness. Following closely behind is the Auburn Tigers at +800.

The Auburn Tigers have a better record and are ranked higher than Gonzaga. The Tigers are 21-1 this season and rank No.1 in college basketball. Out of the favorites, we have to say that Auburn seems to be the better bet.

The biggest difference is that they don’t have as much experience in the big games. Still, you can’t argue with the efficiency they’ve had this season.

Underdog odds to win the 2022 NCAA Basketball Title

Two teams have +1000 odds to win the 2022 NCAA Basketball Title. Duke University, No.9 in college basketball, is considered to be an underdog, which is odd.

However, we’ll note that they had a win over Gonzaga towards the beginning of the season. Duke also has the No.19 scoring offense in college basketball. Depending on their positioning, the Blue Devils are a good pick.

The other team at +1000 is the Purdue Boilermakers, who are 19-3 on the season. They’re ranked at No.4 in college basketball and are third in the Big Ten.

Out of all these teams we’ve mentioned, the Boilermakers have the best offense. Averaging 84.6 points per game, Purdue is ranked fifth in college basketball. They might be underdogs, but they definitely have a chance.

The current top ten teams to win the College Basketball Title

We’ve already covered the top four teams with the best odds to win, but what about the others? Plenty of teams have pulled off remarkable upsets, and the odds are quite good.

Teams such as Kentucky and Baylor could both pull off an upset once March Madness begins. Arizona is also another surprising team that has made its way into the top ten of the best odds.

Here are the top ten teams with the best odds to win the 2022 NCAA Basketball Title:

  • Gonzaga +600
  • Auburn +800
  • Duke +1000
  • Purdue +1000
  • Baylor +1200
  • Kentucky +1200
  • Kansas +1400
  • Arizona +1400
  • UCLA +1600
  • Villanova +2000

Our picks for the 2022 NCAA Basketball Title

After taking a look at all of the teams and their odds, we’ve got a few picks. As far as the favorites go, we think Auburn is a great selection.

They have a strong offensive and defensive combination and have secured big wins recently. Although Gonzaga has quite the history during March Madness, Auburn could be a strong competitor.

When taking a look at the teams that are considered “underdogs,” Purdue is a solid choice. They’re 19-3, third in the Big Ten, and are averaging 84.6 points per game. They also have +1000 odds which could be a huge payoff for bettors.

Favorite Pick: Auburn Tigers
Underdog Pick: Purdue Boilermakers