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We’ve rounded up the top NBA shoe deals for this year. Let’s see who’s feet are making the most money.

Kyle Kuzma just inked a five-year $20 million contract with Puma.

This gives the Laker significantly more off-court money-making security than the $1.9 million salary he’ll earn for playing basketball during the 2019-20 season. It’s also much more than the $3.5 million that he’ll earn next season in the final year of his rookie deal.

It’s quite a big bump from Kuzma’s previous two-year Nike pact, which paid him a base rate of $25,000 per year. The new deal means Kuzma will no longer be wearing Nike’s Kobe Bryant signature sneaker during games. Now he will sport Puma’s Clyde Hardwood kicks. 

Nike/Jordan still on top of NBA shoe deals

Let’s not worry about Nike’s future as a b-ball shoe boss though. Forbes reports that the manufacturer has dominated the NBA shoe deal game over the past fiscal year (ending mid-2019). Nike has 8 of the top 14 richest pacts in basketball.

The top spot was occupied by long-retired NBA legend and Charlotte Hornets owner, Michael Jordan. MJ’s Jordan Brand deal with Nike pulled in $130 million. So yeah, he long ago moved on from the 1980s-90s heyday of Spike Lee’s “Mars Blackmon” hyping Air Jordans. Michael is still making very big 21st Century bucks on his name brand footwear.

The other Jordan Brand deal on the Forbes list belongs to Zion Williamson, who pulled in $13 million, before re-upping in July for the richest rookie shoe contract in NBA history.

Zion’s deal with Jordan trumped the previous rookie record record held by the #2 man on the Forbes list, Lebron James. Lebron collected $32 million in past-year shoe earnings.      

The Top 14 Richest NBA Shoe Contracts

The rest of the richest

Under Armour continued to pay up for the rights to #4-ranked Stephen Curry’s feet, with a cool $20 million.

At #8, the retiring Dwayne Wade made $12 million from his pact with Chinese shoe-maker, Li-Ning. Meanwhile, #14 Klay Thompson earned $9 million from his deal with another Chinese shoe-maker, Anta.

Adidas continues to hold it’s position as the NBA’s number two of shoe. After Nike, they hold the most spots atop the Forbes list of richest shoe contracts. Adidas has huge deals in place with the likes of (#6) James Harden, (#11) Derrick Rose, and (#13) Damian Lillard.