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Rounding up big bets and wins from around the world of sports betting this week.

This week we have three stories of ingenious sports betting from DraftKings Sportsbook. It’s another edition of The Props Network’s “Big Bets”.

Early Cash Out Saves the $8K Day for DraftKings Parlay Player.

This week an anonymous DraftKings Sportsbook player placed $500 on a 8 pick basketball parlay. The bet combined college hoops with NBA, at odds of 34.06 to 1. It would only take 6 correct money line picks and 2 spreads to win over $17k. Here are the 8 legs;

This bet turned into a sweat. The Pelicans found themselves in a close game with the Lakers, and this player need Zion and crew to win the game. The game was close in New Orleans. Would the Pelicans cost this player their $500 wager and a chance at thousands in winnings?

The quick thinking sports betting hero checked his bet slip for an early cash out option. For those that don’t know, DraftKings will often offer you a chance to get out of a bet early for bit less money than you would otherwise win. Fortunately, the odds makers were also unsure who would win the NO v LAL game at that point, and a generous cash out option appeared on the screen. The player accepted it and took an early payout of $8,966.77. So what happened to the Pelicans?

They lost! And a sports betting catastrophe was narrowly avoided.

Who the hell is Matt Every and why didn’t we all bet on him at Bay Hill?

Golf Betting is all about doing your homework, and one savvy DraftKings player clearly did his. There is years of course history to look at for each player and endless statistical research that can be done to target bets. Picking the winner of a golf tournament is not as random it might seem. Plus, there are the props like Leader After Round 1 where value can be found if you hit the books or invest in a data subscription.

The Arnold Palmer Invitational tee’d off in Orlando yesterday. Rory McIlroy is the heavy favorite to win. The Irish superstar was also a cost prohibitive favorite to be the first round leader, as usual.

It wouldn’t have taken much research to see that Matt Every, the 309th ranked golfer in the world, has won at Bay Hill GC twice. Every was victorious at the API in 2014 and 2015. This was before he got suspended from the tour for weed. So while Every is not exactly killing it these days, Arnie’s tournament is where Matt has made most of his career winnings.

Amazingly, the odds on the two time winner of the event were 200/1 to be the leader after one round.

Rory McIlroy had odds of around 7/1 to be the first round leader on most sportsbook PGA odds boards. It looked like the oddsmakers were dead on with these prices. Rory tee’d off early in the morning with favorable conditions and shredded Bay Hill for a 66. Every was playing in the afternoon, with 30+ mph winds in the forecast.

That didn’t stop this DraftKings player, who threw $5 down on the relatively unknown golfer to lead the Arnold Palmer Invitational after Round 1.

draftkings sportsbook parlay

The winds did blow, but Matt Every balled out once again at his favorite PGA Tour stop. His score? A 7 under par 65 is what Every shot. This was one stroke better than Rory and a lot better than most others who played in the afternoon winds. Every was, in fact, the first round leader at the end of the day.

This $5 extra sharp bet payed plenty of cheddar. $1005 was the total win for this long shot bet, that really was not such a long shot. Those who took Matt Every to win the event will likely not be happy on Sunday though. As of writing this article, Matt Every is 8 shots over par through 12 holes in round 2. He could miss the cut, but that won’t matter to this 200/1 first round winner.

Our suggestion? Live bet it all on Sungjae Im. Im-sanity is starting and he’s in the hunt once again.

F%#& It! We’re doing it Live.

The famous words of a very angry Bill O’Reilly. Also, perhaps, the mantra of this incredible DraftKings Sportsbook bettor. This cat was watching some NBA games on Tuesday night, not knowing that live betting lightning would strike. We suspect that this person has NBA League Pass, and channels were being flipped. There were four games happening, and this unnamed DK player had a vision of how they would all end.

A $3 parlay was made at odds of +267800. On the ticket were four live moneyline bets; the Nets at the Celtics, the T-Wolves at the Pelicans, Warriors at Nuggets and Raptors at Suns.

The Nets were down 55-43 at the half. The Warriors found themselves down 9 points at the half at Denver, and the Raptors also were down double digits in their game. What happened next will amaze you.

All four live bets ended up winning, and the parlay paid off. This very smart bettor (and we assume League Pass subscriber) turned $3 into $8035.91 at DraftKings Sportsbook.

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