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The world of basketball’s attention may have been diverted to March Madness brackets and championship forecasting over the past couple of days. However, the 2022 NBA season is still moving down the line and towards the impending playoffs.

This has been an amazing week for individual scoring, with Karl-Anthony Towns and Kyrie Irving scoring 60 points on back-to-back nights.

Here are the best games to bet on in the NBA on Wednesday, March 15.

Milwaukee Bucks -9 vs. Sacramento Kings

The Sacramento Kings are just really bad, just like they were before the Domantas Sabonis trade with the Indiana Pacers. Their last win against the Chicago Bulls was more of an “everyone in the league is a professional athlete” thing than a trend to follow; in fact, they would be on the verge of total irrelevance if De’Aaron Fox was not having the best month of his professional career.

The Milwaukee Bucks started the campaign a little slow but have been coming on strong as they get ready to mount another charge through the playoffs and to the NBA Finals. Milwaukee also recently added Brook Lopez back to its rotation and has won seven of its last eight matches, so it’s unlikely that they don’t blow out Sacramento tonight.

Boston Celtics vs. Golden State Warriors ML

The Golden State Warriors just added Draymond Green back to their injury after he had been out with back issues, marking the first time in over 1,000 days that Steph Curry, Klay Thompson, and Green were all on the court at the same time. Golden State has won four straight with highlight wins over the Bucks and Denver Nuggets as standouts, kicking the losing streak they were on before.

Boston has been playing as good as any team in the league over the past couple of months, but they are still somewhat reliant on offensive explosions from Jayson Tatum to carry them; with Curry, Klay, and Draymond riding the momentum of being back together, it just feels like the Warriors are going to make a statement win.

Dallas Mavericks ML vs. Brooklyn Nets

Why the Dallas Mavericks? First and foremost, the game is in Brooklyn, meaning that Kyrie Irving will not be able to follow up his 60-point performance because of COVID vaccination restrictions; granted, the Nets will still have the ever-capable Kevin Durant and a solid supporting cast, but losing Irving will have a big impact.

On the other side, Luka Doncic has been brilliant for Dallas in recent months, helping them to win seven of their last eight against teams like the Celtics, Utah Jazz, and Warriors (twice). This game is set up to be a star-on-star battle between Doncic and Durant, and the team with the better surrounding talent— which should be the Mavs, by a hair— wins. If there is one X factor in this game, it is Seth Curry; if he is hot for Brooklyn, then all bets are off, but the Mavs still earn the trust for tonight’s matchup.