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PointsBet Sportsbook and the XFL Partnering for Data and Content

The XFL and PointsBet Sportsbook have announced a new deal that will make PointsBet one of the league’s authorized gaming operators.

This means that PointsBet will get access to official XFL data and content. Part of the content deal reportedly includes integrating PointsBet into the weekly XFL digital experience.

XFL President Jeffrey Pollack said that “embracing the spread is a core business strategy for us and our new alliance with PointsBet is the latest example of how we are engaging football fans through legal sports betting”. We aren’t sure if he was referring to the ‘spread’ of sports betting, or the point spread as the subject of his league’s embrace, but it sounds like the XFL is all about being a sportsbook friendly league.

“At Pointsbet, we view ourselves as an innovative tech company first and foremost, and it’s reflective in our approach to bookmaking as well as the experiences we provide” said Johnny Aitken, the CEO of PointsBet Sportsbook. He went on to say that the XFL is “offering fans an innovative differentiated and highly entertaining brand of football, and we are excited to partner together throughout the rest of this historic season.”

PointsBet Sportsbook is now open for business in New Jersey and Iowa. PointsBet has also announced that it will soon launch in Michigan. The legal US sportsbook is known for offering player friendly promotions and bonus deals on NFL, NBA, NCAA, Tennis, MMA, Golf and even Nascar betting.

XFL bets are already offered as a betting market at PointsBet, but the promotions should expand for the remainder of the season as a result of the new deal. We expect to see more PointsBet XFL bonus offers extending through the 2020 regular season playoffs and XFL league Championship game on April 26th.

XFL Protecting It’s Integrity

Like all sportsbook and league deals, this one includes an agreement to work together on best-in-class practices for integrity. Data from PoinstBet will help the XFL flag potential compromising of its games.

While the public might think that legal sports betting in America will lead to more mixed games, the pro sports leagues disagree. They know that transparency and data sharing from legal bets is a huge advantage in combating shady influencers. Legal betting should actually help to clean up what game fixing or point shaving does go on in pro sports.

About Pointsbet

PointsBet is an Australian based online gaming company. PB operates an online sportsbook in New Jersey and also now in Iowa. PointsBet offers an industry best signup bonus for new players. The deal is worth up to $1000 in risk-free bets.

What is PointsBet?

PointsBet is a legal US sports betting site.

What is Pointsbetting?

Pointsbetting is a type of wager that is only found at PoinstBet sportsbook. The risk/reward is higher than a standard bet because the amount of the win or loss depends on the exact outcome of the game. The more points you win your bet-by, the higher the payout. On the other hand, the more points that you lose your pointsbetting bet by, the more you money you lose.

Is sports betting legal?

Yes, sports betting is now legal in multiple US states. The legal online gambling states in the US include; Iowa, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, Indiana, Nevada, Rhode Island and more.

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