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How to enter the Free $1000 The Office Popularity Pool at DraftKings.

The Office is #1 on Netflix and now the best sitcom of all time (fight me) is on DraftKings too. The Office Popularity Pool is your chance to win the $1,000 prize by answering questions about the show. It’s enough to start a small competing paper company. Enter today at DraftKings and you can win some dough like Kevin Malone, the $2500 No-Limit Deuce-Seven Triple Draw bracelet at the 2002 World Series of Poker in Las Vegas.

This new free pool at the DraftKings Sportsbook can be played anywhere that DFS is legal. It’s a winner(s) take all format with a unique Popularity Contest twist. Instead of picking your favorite answer to each multiple choice question, you pick what you think will be the most popular answer.

Let’s break down one The Office Popularity Pool question for example. There is a question that asks what the Best Michael Scott Character is. Is it Prison Mike, Date Mike, Michael Klump or Michael Scarn?

Remember, it’s about public opinion and popularity, not what your actual favorite Michael Scott character is. As a dedicated fan of The Office, my favorite is hands down Michael Scarn. This was Michael’s character in his legendary independent action film, Threat Level Midnight.

Draftkings The Office pool question

However, I think Threat Level Midnight is kind of an Office deep cut. Date Mike and Prison Mike, on the other hand, are go-to memes that apply to almost every situation on Twitter. So, I will select one of those two instead of my real favorite.

Enter The Office Popularity Pool today at DraftKings.

DraftKings FAQ

How does The Office Popularity Pool work?

There are 12 multiple choice questions about The Office. The questions are about the best Office episodes, Michael Scott characters and more. Even Will Ferrell is nominated in the popularity pool for Best Manager Other Than Michael. Ferrell played new manager D’Angelo Vickers, who had a passion for the American South West. You pick the answer that you think will be the MOST POPULAR amongst all people playing the pool on DraftKings. The winner will be the player(s) who picks the most

How much is the prize pool?

It’s a $1000 winner(s) take all prize pool at DraftKings Sportsbook.

Where is the free The Office pool?

Players can create a new account at DraftKings Sportsbook, then click Pools at the top of the page. Scroll down to find The Office popularity pool.

When is the deadline?

Enter by 8PM on 3/24. If you miss the deadline, there are a variety of other great free pools to enter at DraftKings. Other DK pools include MLB futures, and the Daily Dose which asks questions about the weather, Adam Schefter and even Donald Trump tweets.

Must be 21+ to bet. Gambling Problem? Call 1.800.Gambler today.