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Pointsbet is a leader in online sports book innovation, with a next-gen site that features the widest variety of bet types. Additionally, PB has an unmatched menu of prop bets, futures and fantasy betting on the wide world of sports. Now Pointsbet is changing the loyalty programs game for players in New Jersey.

We took a look at two of their current offerings for loyal bettors.

NFL and CFB Loyalty Programs

The NFL and College football Loyalty Programs pay out big bonus bets to players who like to wager on the NFL or CFB. The program works on a tiered scale, with benchmarks that unlock larger and larger bonus bets.

  • Earn a $100 Bonus Bet when you place 25 NFL or CFB wagers.
  • Earn a $200 Bonus Bet when you place 50 NFL or CFB wagers.
  • Earn a $300 Bonus Bet when you place 75 NFL or CFB wagers.
  • Earn a $500 Bonus Bet when you place 100 NFL or CFB wagers.

The minimum bet size to qualify is $50 and the minimum odds are -150. Spreads, Totals, Moneylines, Props and Live in-play bets all count towards the bonus tiers. Bets are tallied on a weekly basis, and bonus bets are issued each Tuesday.

The additional rules for this promo are also easy to abide by. For example, only one bet per game counts and players can’t take both sides of a game. Also, booster odds don’t count towards the promo. The only real downside here is that NFL and College Football bets count separately towards the free bet tiers. However, these benchmarks should be easy to hit for frequent football bettors in both leagues.

Pointsbetting Loyalty Program

What is PointBetting?

‘The More You’re Right, the More you Win’. That’s how PB describes PointsBetting, where wager multiplication is the name of the game. It works like this; If a 3 point favorite covers by 6 points, the player has won 3 times their stake on on a PointsBetting play. Although, the adverse comes into play too. Because If a 3 point favorite loses the game by 3 points, the player has lost 6 times their initial stake.

PointsBetting is only as risky as you want it to be, because PB allows players to manage their exposure with a max win/loss limit setting. For example, a bettor in the early part of this season reportedly won $600,000 ‘PointsBetting’ the Ravens -6 @ the Dolphins. They bet $30,000 with a max win/loss setting at 20. Then, the Ravens won the game by 49 points. Had the bettor gone with the max win/loss setting at 50, he would have won $1.29 million dollars on this wager.

Loyal PointsBettors Rejoice

The Pointsbetting Loyalty Program at PointsBet pays out sizable bonus bets on a tiered scale.

  • Earn a $50 Bonus Bet when you place 5 PointsBetting bets.
  • Earn a $100 Bonus Bet when you place 10 PointsBetting bets.
  • Earn a $200 Bonus Bet when you place 20 PointsBetting bets.
  • Earn a $500 Bonus Bet when you place 50 PointsBetting bets.

The terms and conditions are simple and straightforward; only one bet per event and the minimum wager is only $2. Bets are tallied per week for bonuses, then free bets are issued on Tuesdays. Additionally, there are no restrictions on the types of events. NBA, MLB, NFL, MMA, etc are all counting towards the bonus tiers.

The Conclusion? If you are a high volume bettor, then there may not be a better book for you than PointsBet.

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