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CFB Bowl game picks for all four New Years Day games.

Start 2020 with some CFB Bowl Game picks for your online betting action. These are our picks against the spread for January 1st. Remember, you can bet on these bowl game picks legally in multiple US states. Just visit our online sportsbook portal for signup bonuses and free bets.

The Outback Bowl

#18 Minnesota versus #12 Auburn

  • Spread: Minnesota +7
  • Over/Under: 53.5
  • Wed 1:05 PM

I spent a lot of time in the south this summer and fall, so I got to see a ton of SEC football up close. Auburn is a good team on both sides of the ball even though Bo Nix isn’t an elite quarterback and they have been spotty. They really put one over on Alabama, but they blew it against Florida and their offense can just disappear because Nix doesn’t consistently make big plays. Minnesota’s a fun team and they looked like they had a shot at the Big 10 West title, but more or less abdicated their shot at it when they lost to Iowa. They’re a feel-good story that has to run into a traditional SEC power that’s laying a big number and is expected to score a ton of points.

Having seen a lot of Auburn, I don’t know about that. Is there going to be the same sense of urgency that there was against Alabama? It just seems to me like this is going to be more like their game against Oregon where they had to furiously come back, but who knows since Guz Malzien teams are predictable and terrible at making halftime adjustments. He just runs what he runs unless he gets pushed into life or death mode and then goes guns a blazing. 

THE PICK: Minnesota +7

The Citrus Bowl 

#14 Michigan versus #13 Alabama

  • Spread: Michigan +7.5
  • Over/Under: 58.5
  • Wed 1:05 PM

Some Michigan fans are howling for the head of Jim Harbaugh. I have no idea what they are bitching about. Michigan hasn’t won a national title since the 50s and recruiting against Ohio State is next to impossible. Michigan is closer to Northwestern and UCLA than they are Texas, Alabama, or Ohio State no matter how delusional some of their fans might be. For that reason alone Harbaugh should be revered like Bo Schembechler, who never won a national title, for keeping this team relevant and competitive on a regular basis.

Now, Alabama is peddled as suffering through some disappointing or lost season or some such other nonsense. Don’t buy it. They had some unfortunate injuries and in spite of Alabama fans’ sense of entitlement and delusional expectations, they are still a dangerous team that lost close games to LSU and Auburn. All of Bama’s players are going to suit up and winning 11 games is a point of pride for this program, so I suspect there won’t be any drop off in motivation because not showing up to a game coached by Saban could bring you the measure of his wrath. I have been bouncing back and forth on this one for days because I think Michigan can keep it close for three quarters, it’s just that I keep asking myself will Saban’s guys take out their frustrations on missing the playoffs on someone else? 

THE PICK: Alabama -7.5

The Rose Bowl 

#6 Oregon versus #8 Wisconsin

  • Spread: Oregon +3
  • Over/Under: 51.5
  • Wed 5:05 PM

I like Wisconsin, I really do. I have family from there and the accent is cute. Wisconsin is great running the ball and they are one of the best coached teams in the country. They gave OSU fits for the entire first half of the Big 10 title game and can go toe to toe with just about anyone and have a puncher’s chance. Only problem is that Oregon is maybe three or four plays from having been a playoff team. That was what got me in trouble when I took Utah against them in the Pac 12 title game. I’m not making that mistake again.

If Wisconsin had a stronger passing game I might be convinced to go the other way, but not here and not with Oregon’s versatility. You might want to take a peek at the over and see if it comes down at all before game time, but we’ve got a traditional bruiser versus supposedly finesse team on hand. Don’t buy into that. Oregon can straight up fly even though they can be a little inconsistent. 

THE PICK: Oregon +3

The Sugar Bowl 

#5 Georgia versus #7 Baylor 

  • Spread: Gerogia -4
  • Over/Under: 41
  • Wed 8:50 PM

I’ve spent all season long cursing the existence of Kirby Smart. Not as a human being. I’m sure he’s an alright dude who you can have some laughs with at a barbecue or a baseball game if you like corny dad jokes. It’s as a head football coach that he drives me nuts. He calls games like it’s 1982. His game plans are as exciting as watching someone methodically paint a wall. He’s got a boatload of talent and Jake Fromm and he does infuriating things like allow Notre Dame to hang around in a game because he insists on running on almost every down. Sure, Georgia’s defense is really good, but ask yourself if you can see Baylor being shut down for four quarters or Kirby Smart run up the score on a team that can shred you on the slightest slip up. Hard to see isn’t it?

Now take into account that Georgia will have some guys sitting because they’re declaring for the NFL draft. The line has deflated from 8.5, but that’s fine. There could be some late money that pushed it back up to six. Over ninety percent of the money is going to be on Baylor, but I’ve watched every Georgia game and facing potent offenses isn’t their forte. Also, even facing Big 12 offenses that throw on every down Baylor still finished 40tth overall in total defense. Grab the points and enjoy your last few beers of the evening. 

THE PICK: Baylor +4

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