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Major League Baseball is back to break the monotony of hump day with a full slate of high-value games.

The AL West battle is heating up as first-place Los Angeles is slowly losing ground to the streaking Houston Astros. Meanwhile, the 6-24 Cincinnati Reds have suddenly won three of their last five games.

Here are the best games to bet on Wednesday.

Miami Marlins vs. Arizona Diamondbacks ML

The Diamondbacks have a low-value name after last year’s disaster of a season, but they have had high-quality output thus far, especially in recent games. Arizona has won seven of its last eight outings, including the first two in the ongoing series with the Marlins and a three-game sweep in Miami last week. So their confidence will be off the charts heading into Wednesday’s meeting. On top of that, Merrill Kelly (3-1, 1.22 ERA) will get the start amidst what has been a phenomenal start to the year, including an 8.2-inning, one-earned-run start in his last appearance.

Miami’s projecting downwards in a nearly complete opposite way compared to Arizona, having lost nine of their last 10 games. They seem to be without answers both in the box and on the rubber. They were outscored 13-6 in the first two games of the current series, so recent history isn’t on their side. Sandy Alcantara (2-2, 3.03 ERA) will be charged with slowing down Arizona. No matter how strong of an outing he has, the offense needs to step up big time.

New York Mets -1.5 vs. Washington Nationals

The Mets just keep finding ways to win; they are 21-10 and 12-5 on the road this season, thanks to both elite pitching and show-stopping offense. Any one of a number of Mets can step up big time at the plate. Whether that be converting key opportunities or slapping balls over the outfield fence. Their pitching staff has the fifth-best combined ERA, all without Jacob deGrom even suiting up one time.

The Nationals are a deplorable 10-21 and 3-12 at home and look lifeless more times than they look engaged. Juan Soto is no longer playing at an MVP level, and as a result, the team figures to continue to decline until a complete overhaul is made. Aaron Sanchez (1-2, 8.56 ERA) will have the unenviable job of trying to slow down New York, but his performances this season have not earned him much trust.

Tampa Bay Rays vs. Los Angeles Angels ML

The Angels have Shohei Ohtani pitching: case closed. Ohtani is a serial winner, even if his ERA (3.08) is not the best in baseball, and the Angels as a whole are playing at an incredible level, having won six of their last seven games and outscoring the Rays 23-3 in the first two games of the series.

Tampa Bay is still a decent opponent, but there is something to be said about running into the wrong team at the wrong time. LA is finally enjoying the momentum it longed for when Mike Trout was out of the lineup, and now that they have it, it will take a serious collapse to slow them down.