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The 2022 MLB season is finally approaching after a lockout and controversy muddied the future of the sport.

Star players have been on the move in free agency. Some wacky results from spring training have gone down. The usual start time of the season has been changed.

But all of that will soon be forgotten when the umpire lets out those memorable words “PLAY BALL!” Here are MLB futures bets that you should be considered for the 2022 season.

Los Angeles Dodgers to Win World Series (+470)

Here is the best way to look at this; the Los Angeles Dodgers have a better chance than anybody of making it to the World Series, so even if you do not outright believe that they will win the world series, they are the most likely to put themselves in the position to do so. This is one of the most important aspects of futures bets and gives credence to why this is such a great bet (especially at +470 odds).

L.A. has an outstanding rotation of pitchers and used them to run wild in the playoffs before being shut down by the Atlanta Braves last season.

They also have one of, if not the most talented lineups in baseball, headlined by newly-acquired first-baseman Freddie Freeman. He will team up with Mookie Betts, Trea Turner, and the other studs of L.A. to form one of the most intimidating squads in recent baseball history.

Regular Season Home-Run Leader: Shohei Ohtani (+1000)

Ohtani finished third in last year’s home run total, two off the marks set by Salvador Perez and Vladimir Guerrero Jr., the latter of which is the favorite to take home this year’s title.

The son of the legendary slugger is an excellent pick too, but putting Ohtani down at +1000 odds is a little disrespectful to a player that single-handedly carried the Los Angeles Angels through last year’s season.

If Ohtani can get any sort of help from his teammates this time around, the burden will be lessened, and he will be able to play more freely. The only issue standing in the way between him and a home run title (besides Vladi Jr.) is his pitching schedule, although the Angels did a nice job still finding his opportunities at the plate.

Atlanta Braves to win the N.L. East (+150)

The Atlanta Braves have the second-best odds to win the National League East this season, just behind the New York Mets at (+140). They do not have the most extensive bullpen in the league and certainly do not have a headliner capable of matching Max Scherzer, but this is about the longevity of a season, not a best-of-one.

The Braves added Matt Olson to their roster, where he will team up alongside young superstar Ronald Acuna Jr. in the team’s pursuit of the pennant. Atlanta is still likely to play second fiddle to the Dodgers. But their lineup is powerful enough to at least take home the East’s title this season.