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Jumoke  gives props to former NBA Player, Etan Thomas. They talk about his time playing with Michael Jordan (30:02), how he became great friends with his most hated rival (then-teammate) Christian Laettner (34:57), getting to know the real Gilbert Arenas (40:18), cancel culture and Thom Brennaman (1:12:35). Pus Etan’s thoughts on the NBA playoffs, (1:14:24), working for former President Barack Obama (01:09:49), the Black Lives Matter movement and police brutality (1:22:10). 

Also its Friday so Hayley Bour is back with more ‘Hayley’s Comments’. Talking Matt Harvey’s return (2:02), should the Reds play-by-play announcer (Thom Brennaman) stay or go (4:22), the unwritten rules of baseball (11:10), chocolate snow, #freeBrittney and how The Washington Football Team made the right choice with their new president. 

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