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Casey Phillips joins Jumoke to break down the Bucs draft picks, with some colorful stories about the players, and her experience with the first-ever virtual selection process. How it all played out and how her social media stardom has risen. Plus, more Tiger King, The Last Dance and covering football vs covering basketball as a team reporter.

Time stamps-

:41 Recapping the Tampa Bay Buccaneers draft with colorful stories about the players, 

7:14 Prepping for the NFL Draft and doing the first virtual draft due to the coronavirus.

18:08 – Reaction to the Bucs’ signing of Tom Brady and trading for Rob Gronkowski for the team and the city.

29:58 Post-draft plans for Casey and the team and Netflix’s Tiger King.

37:20 Thoughts on Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen’s contract, The Last Dance, and our fascination with Dennis Rodman.

49:15 The difference between working for a football and basketball team..

1:03:25 Being the team reporter for the Bucs, and the Bucs Super Bowl chances.