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The rapper tried his luck as a contestant on the Quarantine Quiz Show that raises money for Black Lives Matter and more great causes.

It’s 5ive Mics on INACTION The Props Network Game Show. Can you name five NBA players named ‘Mike’ in 30 seconds? Play along with 5ive and help support Black Lives Matter.

What is INACTION? It’s the Quarantine Quiz Show for Sports Fans. Comedians Joel Walkowski and Donnie Segnstack guide celebrity guests through crazy sports-themed games. The goal? to raise money for their favorite charities.

Watch previous clips and full episodes of INACTION right here on The Props Network. Plus, check out The Props Network website for sports betting news, bonuses and live NBA odds for the playoffs.

Sports may be back, but the inactivity lives on with new INACTION games for the NBA Bubble.

What is INACTION? It’s the only new game show caused by Covid-19. Comedians Joel Walkowski and Donnie Sengstack realized that suffering sports fans entertainment. So they created a custom game show for their friends. Now they’ve hosted comics, famous podcasters and even rappers on the The Props Network game show. In doing so, they’ve raised money for great charities and found a way to have fun with no sports.

Ready to get even more inactive! You can see all the clips and previous episodes right here on