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Play along with the Ray Hudson Quotes Game, Celebrity Soccer Fans and more on the Quarantine Life Sports Quiz Show.

Alexis Guerreros and Christian Polanco host the number one soccer podcast in America and have a new show on Fubo TV. Now the Cooligans are butting heads on “Inaction”, the only sports quiz show for the quarantine life. Games include; soccer chants, celebrity futbol fans, Ray Hudson quotes, Donnie the producer’s parents and “50 Shades Of Grey”. Play along and support the James Beard Foundation ( Watch all of the previous episodes of “Inaction” and more sports and entertainment content right here on The Props Network. Visit for the best in sports betting news and bonuses.

See all the episodes of “Inaction” right here on The Props Network. Visit for sports betting news and entertainment.

Stay tuned to TPN for new episodes of Inaction and more sports entertainment.

INACTION is the quarantine quiz show that is cowering from covid-19 on Host Joel Walkowski and producer Donnie Sengstack challenge celebrities and die hard sports fans through a series of sports and pop culture quiz games. How much do they know about their favorite teams and cities? Find out on another episode of Inaction.

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