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Spotify will become the new home of Bill Simmons. Will The Ringer still be free for fans?

Bill Simmons is selling The Ringer podcast network and website to Spotify. For sports betting fans who enjoy shows like the BS Podcast, Against All Odds with Cousin Sal, the Ryen Russillo show and the ‘Rewatchables’, this is huge news. The terms of the deal are still undisclosed, but we do know that this will rapidly increase podcast offerings on Spotify. Currently the whole lineup of Bill Simmons and The Ringer content is available free from multiple podcast sources including the iPhone Podcasts App and The Ringer website. So, is this good or bad for listeners who currently listen to their favorite The Ringer podcasts for free?

There are more than 30 podcasts currently available from The Ringer for free.

The good news for fans is the pod casts should still be free on Spotify. They will have advertisements, like the current Ringer shows do, but the pod casts will not require a paid subscription. Based on it’s reporting from last year, Spotify’s plan is to use pods to convert unpaid listeners to paid listeners.

So, if you want to keep listening to The Ringer shows for free (like the whole TPN team), then you’re still in good shape. Many people who enjoy sports betting reply on these free shows for their unique takes and not-too-sharp betting picks and all-day entertainment. Luckily, the Spotify deal won’t change that.

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Will the Ringer podcasts be free on Spotify?

Yes. The early details of the deal for Spotify to buy The Ringer Podcast Network, indicate that the Bill Simmons Podcast and other Ringer shows will not require a paid subscription.

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