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The election odds were swinging on Tuesday Night 

By the time the polls began to close, Joe Biden was around a -200 favorite at most of the offshore and EU sportsbooks taking action on the US election. Trumps odds were trending around +170 to win reelection. What happened next was as exciting from a betting perspective as any NFL Sunday. 

It began to look like Trump would win according to the early results. The odds flipped in the president’s favor and by 11 PM he was a cost prohibitive bet. But, savvy bettors knew this was the time to buy low on Biden. It was predicted that the early election results would be misleading due to counting of absentee and mail-in ballots. Yet, it seems the oddsmakers abroad didn’t get the memo. Many bettors were able to back Biden with live odds as high as +400. That’s a $100 bet to win $400. 

Joel and Brian recounted the presidential odds movement on the TPN The Walk On Podcast earlier this week.

Days later, the election is still undecided. Yet Biden has moved to a -1300 favorite at most sportsbooks with Trump at +700. So they’re saying there’s a chance? If you see a path to the reelection, then this is your opportunity. 

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