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Election betting is not legal in the United States. We reported earlier this year on a brief appearance for US Biden vs Trump election odds on the board at FanDuel West Virginia. It’s now November 2nd, and the pres odds haven’t come back.

While election betting is legal around the world in betting kosher countries, the debate continues as to whether or not bets should be taken on US politics in the US.

TPN The Walk On Podcast host, Joel Walkowski, argued that election betting is already legal in the US. It’s just disguised as options trading for Wall Street purposes. Hear more about that and election betting legality on the pod here.

So, unless you are shipping your money offshore, you still can’t bet on the election. But, at least you can play these free election pools on DraftKings. Just login and click on the ‘pools’ department and there you will see a free $100k Presidential Election Pool.

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Players answer 13 questions. The answers are either Biden or Trump. Guess who will win the election, who will win PA, who wins Michigan, which one will take New Jersey, etc, etc. The free pools are a lot of fun and you might even win some DK Dollars while you sweat this thing out.

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