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Super Bowl LVI is just around the corner, which means the prop bets are flowing in. This is one of the most fun ways to bet on NFL games and can get you quite a bit of money. From quarterback passing yards to receiving yards and interceptions. 

There are many ways for fans to get involved and claim some winnings while they’re at it. The question is, what should you bet on?

That’s what we’re going to try and help you with today. There are some more obvious bets which we’ll list for you here. Along with that, we’ll go over some of the lesser-known and higher-risk bets. This way, you’ll be able to decide which route you’d like to go with your wagers.

Lastly, we’ll list some of the most popular bets that could win big at the sportsbook this week.

Super Bowl LVI Prop Bet Favorites: QB Passing Yards

This is a very popular bet for nearly every Super Bowl. Betting on the quarterbacks’ passing yards in this game might be a little different, though. 

For us, we think taking Matthew Stafford over 275.5 passing yards is your best bet. The Rams rely on their passing game quite a bit, and the Bengals‘ secondary isn’t great. Stafford should be able to throw for over 275 yards.

Another favorite currently sweeping the sportsbook is Joe Mixon under 60.5 rushing yards. The reason why this bet is so popular is because of the stout Rams front seven. 

Last week, the Rams only allowed 50 yards on the ground from San Francisco. The Bengals have a much worse offensive line than the 49ers do. Mixon also shares carries with Samaje Perine.

Super Bowl LVI Prop Bet Underdogs: Wide Receiver Props

Here’s a fun Super Bowl prop bet that you can add to your ticket. Tyler Boyd’s receiving yards line is at 40.5 at most sportsbooks. 

Some people are steering clear of this bet, but you have to consider Jalen Ramsey. Ramsey will likely cover Ja’Marr Chase, the Bengals’ best receiver. This leaves Boyd with getting more yards and targets.

This is another one that we like quite a bit. The over 5.5 receptions for Odell Beckham Jr. is +110 at most sportsbooks. Similar to the reason Boyd will receive more targets, Beckham will receive more as well. 

The Bengals will be too focused on Cooper Kupp to cover Beckham Jr. efficiently. This will leave Odell getting a ton of love from Stafford. 

Super Bowl LVI Prop Bets List

If the ones we mentioned above don’t work for you, we have some more options available. Prop bets are great because there are so many different ones to choose from. 

You could essentially build your own parlay ticket just from prop bets. The ones we listed above seem to be the general favorites. However, something as simple as a coin toss is available for a prop bet.

Here’s a list of some popular prop bets available aside from the ones listed above for Super Bowl 56:

  • Rushing Props – Joe Burrow Rushing Yards
    • OVER 11.5 Yards -130
    • UNDER 11.5 Yards +100
  • Head to Head Super Bowl Rushing Prop
    • Joe Mixon -118
    • Cam Akers -127
  • Defensive Prop – Aaron Donald Sacks
    • OVER .5 -240
    • UNDER .5 +175
  • Will Jalen Ramsey get an interception?
    • YES +400
    • NO -700
  • First Touchdown Scorer
    • Cooper Kupp +450
    • Joe Mixon +700
    • Cam Akers +750
    • Ja’Marr Chase +800
    • Odell Beckham Jr. +1000
    • Tee Higgins +1200
    • Tyler Higbee +1400
    • CJ Uzomah +1600
    • Sony Michel +1600
    • Darrell Henderson Jr. +1600
    • Kendall Blanton +1600
    • Tyler Boyd +1800
    • Van Jefferson +1800
    • Drew Sample +2200

Super Bowl LVI Best Picks

Considering there are so many to choose from, take your time and pick what you like most. For us, we’ll take the Stafford over 275.5 passing yards. 

Along with that, we’ll also add on the Joe Burrow over 11.5 rushing yards. This will round out our “favorites” category and next; we’ll reveal the underdog picks.

This might sound like a wild pick, but we’ll take Beckham Jr. over 5.5 receptions as well. Beckham Jr. will be targeted a lot in this game, and the Bengals will have trouble covering him. 

As our most wild pick, we’ll take Beckham Jr. +1000 to score the first touchdown of the game as well. 

Our Picks:

Matthew Stafford OVER 275.5 passing yards

Joe Burrow OVER 11.5 rushing yards

Odell Beckham Jr. OVER 5.5 receptions

Odell Beckham Jr. +1000 to score the first touchdown of Super Bowl 56