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The Kensington Eagle and the Monoplegic Raccoon bask in their winning record glory from week 14! The trash duo dive deep into the upcoming NFL week to deliver all the winners for the weekend!

0:20 Intros and welcome to the show

1:06 Bird is on tilt betting premiere league

2:22 The bird and raccoon chastise lusty for his absence

3:04 Winners from last week and our Bet the Farm winner!

4:35 Use our prize picks promo code The Zoo

5:30 Its Covid Week for NFL….too many teams suffering from players on the illness IR

7:15 Individual picks! We go through all 3 picks including the Kensington Eagle’s “Crack Pipe Lock of the Week” and the Raccoon’s “Your Neighbor Left His Trash Can Open Again Freebie”

16:15 BET THE FARM! Our bet the farm selection!

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