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How Parlay Bets Work in Sports Betting.

What is a parlay? How do you do a parlay? Are parlay bets a good way to wager? Steve Clark teaches you everything you need to know about making a parlay bet at your local sportsbook. Stop sounding like a square and learn the definition of parlay today.

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What is a parlay? F.A.Q

What does parlay mean?

Parlay Definition: The meaning of parlay is taking the winnings plus the stake from one wager and betting it all again on another wager. In modern sports betting the parlay meaning is somewhat different. A parlay at a sports book is one bet that combines two or more outcomes for a larger payout then you would get form betting on only one game/outcome/prop etc. All of the outcomes have to come true.

What does a 3 team parlay mean?

A 3 team parlay is one bet that combines three outcomes (games, matches, props, etc) into one bet. All three have to win or push for the parlay to pay out.

How much does a 4 team parlay pay?

How parlay odds are calculated can vary from one sportsbook to another. Most US online sportsbooks pay 11 to 1 on a 4 team parlay where all picks are against the spread with -110 payout. Adding money lines with larger payouts (i.e +200) or smaller payouts (i.e -150) will adjust the total payout from the parlay accordingly.

What happens if one bet in a parlay pushes?

One or more push or tie outcomes in a parlay results in a reduction of the payout. Pushes or ties do not make a parlay a loser.

How to calculate parlay bets?

Every sports book calculates these payouts somewhat differently, and the odds of each selection change the total payout. You can find a parlay calculator for free via a google search, or test them by putting multiple selections on your sportsbook bet slip. Then you can see the potential payout before betting.

Can you parlay money lines?

Yes. Most sportsbooks allow combining multiple money lines into the same parlay.

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