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For years, sports betting always had a certain allure to it, but you didn’t want to go through the hassle of finding a trustworthy bookie. Plus, it was illegal.

These days, things are different.

In several states, sports betting has been completely legalized, which means it’s a great time to jump in. But beginners may have a hard time finding sports betting sites that are both credible and useful.

For this reason, we’ve taken the time to assemble the 3 top sports betting sites that cater to beginners.

The 3 Top Sports Betting Sites for Beginners

Taking the first step into any subculture can be somewhat intimidating. This is partly on account of the fact that you don’t know in which direction to step.

And the last thing you want is for your first step to be a bad one, as this can set a sour tone for the experience.

To make sure your first step into the world of legal online sports betting is a positive, fruitful one, here are the 3 best sports betting sites currently available:

1. SugarHouse Online Casino

One of the first considerations that should go into choosing a sports betting site is the number of options for paying. The SugarHouse Online Casino not only supports Visa and Mastercard, but PayPal, as well.

SugarHouse also offers some of the best online sports betting bonuses, giving users $250 on their first deposit and even offering a bonus store, where you can spend your bonus points. You can also refer a friend for a reward of up to $500. That’s a great incentive to go out and make some new friends.

For those who will miss the social aspects of going to a physical casino, SugarHouse provides an online chat room. This will allow you to communicate with other players – to brag of your winnings, of course – and to communicate with SugarHouse, in case you have any questions.

As is a necessity for any modern business, SugarHouse also offers an app for both IOS and Android. This is very handy, as it allows you to keep track of scores and bets no matter where you are. You can also play games on the app, such as blackjack and roulette.

2. Caesars Online Casino

Caesars Online Casino offers a wide variety of sports, ranging from such popular selections as baseball to deeper cuts, such as tennis and hockey.

Like SugarHouse, Caesars offers plenty of options when it comes to paying, including PayPal. PayPal is a great option for online gambling, as you can transfer a certain amount there from your bank. This will prevent you from going overboard and spending too much.

They also have many promotions and rewards. At the moment, they’re offering a special deal for sports betting, where you can get $100 just for making a deposit. They’re also offering a chance to win a million dollars, just for using a promotional code when playing.

This dedication to rewarding the player handily makes Caesars one of the best places for legal online sports betting.

In addition to sports, Caesars also has a number of other types of online games to play, such as blackjack or slots. These games can act as a palate cleanser – something to clear the mind between football games, so your gambling intuitions can remain sharp.

3. 888sport

888sport has the largest selection of sports, which already makes it one of the best sports betting sites. Heck, they even have cricket.

One of their most appealing features is live betting, which is the latest craze in online sports gambling. It works just like it sounds, in that you can bet on a game in real time. This means that the odds are constantly changing.

Think about it. Your favorite team started the game out as the favorite, but they fell behind. However, they end up with the ball in the fourth quarter – 80 yards from the touchdown.

Betting on your team at that moment is going to pay off more than it would at the beginning of the game – assuming they pull it out, of course.

888sport also happens to have one of the easiest to maneuver sites, which is great for beginners who can become lost in all the options.

Are There Any Non-Sports Gambling Sites?

Maybe you’re not a sports fan or maybe you’ve done all the sports gambling you can handle. Now, you’re looking for something a little different.

Thankfully, there are gambling sites that have a large variety of games, just like the kind you see in a physical casino.

One such website is PA iLotto, which has games that target every kind of skill level. This means that if you’re losing money on one game, you can switch over to another that may be more suited to your particular set of skills.

However, PA iLotto is only available to Pennsylvanians, so if you’re out of state, you won’t be able to win any money.

Only the Best Sports Betting Sites For You

Now that the floodgates are open and legal online sports betting has been unleashed, all that’s left to do is parse out the good from the bad.

With this list, you can now feel safe and confident when taking your first step into the sports betting world, or just the online gambling world in general.

Whether it’s SugarHouse, Caesars, 888sport or PA iLotto, your betting money is in good hands – until it’s back in your own, of course.