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Betting legally is the way to go in the US now. How to find a US sportsbook and keep your money from going offshore.

Online Betting is legal in multiple US States. Players in Indiana, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and West Virginia can in-fact legally place a bet on the Super Bowl this year. They just have to be located in the state at the time of placing the wager, and also it’s 21+ years-old to play. Rhode Island and Nevada also have more limited options for betting online on the big game and other sports.

Until the legislation passed that allowed these States to legalize sports betting, there were two popular ways to bet on games. For one, bookies were and still are a popular means of betting in the US. We all know that’s illegal, but it’s a service that won’t become obsolete any time soon.

Then, there are the illegal offshore betting sites. You know these sites and have likely either wagered on them previously (with or without knowing the laws), or you may have received marketing from them. These illegal sportsbook operations operate freely on the internet, and have found ways for players to easily circumvent banking and credit card restrictions that used to make it more difficult to move money out of the country. While these sites may very well be backed by reputable companies, you really don’t know where you are sending the money and what it could possibly fund

How to tell if a sportsbook website is legal or not.

How to know if a betting site is legal or not?

Legal betting sites have licensing in the US and are regulated by the gaming commissions in each state. A sportsbook that is legal to bet on will have the seal of the state that licenses and regulates it. An illegal offshore sports betting website will either not display this information at all, or will list a foreign country where their operation is based. The seal of approval for a legal sportsbook looks like the image below.

Do legal sportsbooks take bitcoin?

No. Licensed and regulated sports betting websites do not accept bitcoin for deposits or withdraw. Only illegal offshore betting sites deal in Bitcoin or other cryptocurrency at this time.

Can you get in trouble for betting on an offshore casino?

It is unlikely, but entirely possible. Gambling is mostly regulated by the states. The states are free to set any penalties that they want for gambling offenses. Many states actually put criminal penalties on the operators, not the player, but that’s simply their choice depending on the circumstances. Some states treat illegal gambling as a disorderly offense, punishable by a fine and citation. The fine is relatively low, around $200. Other states view them as misdemeanors, which could result in jail time of 1 day to 1 year.

Why should you bet legally on the Super Bowl?

Legalized, regulated sports books are the right choice when betting on the Super Bowl this year. Betting is legal in multiple US States now, and many states that don’t allow sports bets do allow DFS games. DFS games are the best alternative for risking real money on the Super Bowl online. Legal betting is heavily taxed, for the casino operators, so it contributes to bettering the state in which you bet. Also, legal betting is regulated. That means your bet and your funds are protected. With offshore betting sites, there is a risk that they could simply close ‘in the middle of the night’. Also, illegal sportsbooks are infamous for overly complicated payout procedures, surprising fees when cashing out, and requesting personal documents before releasing your funds.

How to bet legally on the Super Bowl.

How to bet legally on the Super Bowl

  1. Find a site that ranks legal sports books.

    There are many websites that rank legal betting sites. lists betting sites in all the legal states. This includes Indiana, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and West Virginia.

  2. Pick a sportsbook and get the bonus.

    As long as you are 21+ and located in the state where you are betting, you can make a wager on any of the sites listed on TPN. They all offer bonuses for extra betting money when you sign up. Some will give you free bets without depositing any of your money.

  3. Follow the steps and sign up

    You will need to enter contact information and get geo-located by the betting site that you chose to play on.

  4. Check out the promotions page at your sportsbook

    They all have special offers for different sports and ways to earn bonus funds and free bets.

  5. Shop around for your bet(s)

    Every online betting site has a ton of different options for bets. They have props, spreads, money lines, totals, player props and teasers, parlays, etc etc etc. Select one bet or select multiple bets and divide up your money between them.

  6. Understand the numbers

    A plus next to the numbers means a payout that is more than the wager amount by a percentage. A minus next to a number means a payout that is less than the wager amount if the bet wins. So minus odds are considered more likely to happen. These are called ‘the odds’. Spreads are the points that the odds maker sets as the margin for a game. If you bet against the spread, you are betting on either an underdog who is getting a margin of error that they can lose by. Or you are betting on a favorite in a game that will have to win by a certain amount of points in order for your bet to win. So they can win the game, but if they don’t ‘cover the spread’ you lose.

  7. Put your picks on your bet slip and decide how much to risk

    With your selections made, type in the amount that you want to risk on each one. You can bet as little as $1 per bet at most sportsbooks. Some people make one large bet, and some make several small bets. You should bet only what you are comfortable losing.

  8. Enjoy the Game and bet live if you want

    After the game starts, you can still bet. Every online sportsbook has live odds that change throughout the game so you can bet depending on what you see happening. The live spreads and odds change with the actual game circumstances. Sometimes they are taken down for a short time during a game. This happens because a team might be about to score or an uncertainty with an injury, etc. Just wait, the live betting lines will be back.

  9. Collect if you win

    If your bet wins you will get the winnings plus your bet amount paid to you within minutes of the game ending. You can cash it out or use it as a bankroll for more wagering.

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