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Everything you need to know about betting on Overs and Unders.

Learn the most important details of over/under betting in this video. Find out what the O/U really is, and what to consider when wagering on it. Steve Clark, teaches you the trends and information that matters when picking the total on any game or prop.

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What is the Over/Under?

An Over-under, O/U or Total Bet is a wager where odds makers predict a number for a statistic in a game or sporting event. The number can be a predictor of the total combined score, individual team score, player performance (prop), etc. When you bet on it, you can take either the OVER or ‘more than’ side, or you can bet on the UNDER which means you are predicting ‘less than’ the oddsmakers number.

What happens when an over under ties?

If the final score or statistic is tied evenly with the oddsmakers over/under number, then it is a push and bets are refunded in full.

What is the .5 point on an over/under?

The .5 is called a ‘half point’. If you see a half point on an over or under, it means that there is no chance for a tie or push. So, if you take over 21.5 team points in a football game, then the team needs to score 22 points for your bet to win. If you take under, your bet wins on 21 points or less.

How to Bet

‘How to Bet’ is the betting education series presented by The Props Network. In every episode, betting expert Steve Clark teaches new bettors what they need to know to start playing online and at the sports book. Learn the terms, tips and strategy you need to bet like the pros. Stay tuned to TPN for more sports betting education and entertainment. TPN is also the home of the biggest and best bonuses in legal online gaming. Find the betting site for you and start playing our picks or yours today!

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