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While it may not exactly be the oldest sports betting medium known to man, the NBA has established itself as the betting industry’s top option, because of all the action and excitement that takes place within the league itself.

Why the NBA is the apple of any sports better’s eye

With 30 teams in the league alone 82 games taking place within one season, and applicability to a wide range of betting methods, the NBA provides an endless number of options for all kinds of bettors to make a fortune. As opposed to other sports that fall under the sports betting spectrum, the NBA is accessible all over the world (second only to football), with nearly every country streaming games daily.

From simple team wins to point-based outcomes, betting on the NBA yields a wide range of possibilities that anyone can leverage to their advantage and grow their fortune. And with a large number of betters staking their claim in the league, it’s much easier to win big with basketball.

As exciting as it may be to bet on any team in the NBA, however, there’s one problem with doing so that betters struggle with to this day: It can be easy to lose track of your money.

Fortunately, navigating the world of NBA betting doesn’t have to be as mind-boggling and complicated as it may seem. With these simple tips and guidelines to keep your bets and account balances in check, you can ensure that you’ll win big and lose small (or none at all) at NBA betting:

1. Always enforce strict bankroll management

Here’s one universal betting tip for success that especially applies in NBA betting: bankroll management is vital for staying in the green, placing wagers, and seeing success in the long run.

Given the sheer volume of games that you can bet on and the thousands of available betting managers that you can place bets through, it’s easy to go broke if you aren’t careful with the way you manage your bankroll. With anywhere between six to eight games a day, multiple times a week, it’s important to keep your head about you. Come up with a plan that has controlled limits on your betting decisions so that you can avoid getting carried away.

2. New to NBA betting? It’s best to stick to flat betting

Speaking of proper bankroll management, another important tip for NBA betting is sticking with flat betting if you’re new to the entire experience.

As opposed to any other form of NBA betting, flat betting works with a simpler concept that helps foster better discipline. Flat betting maintains the practice of betting the same amount of money with each wager. This approach helps with proper bankroll management and doesn’t drain your savings right off the bat. For instance, if you have a bankroll of $10,000, then following the flat betting approach entails placing wagers of up to $200 (or two percent) in order to keep your account filled for sustainable betting. 

3. Stick with back-to-backs and proper load management

The secret to success in the world of NBA betting? It’s in taking the initiative to know the players in every team that you’re betting on and their respective games—or simply following a practice called load management.

Proper load management involves watching out for factors that may impede the ability of your chosen team’s players to deliver their best in any game you bet on, such as:

  • Current injuries
  • Back-to-back games that can severely affect player performance (also known as back-to-backs)
  • Injury history
  • Intra-team drama
  • Coaching strategies and efficiencies

Final words

Stay profitable in NBA betting by managing every possible internal and external risk. Follow the tips in this article, and you’ll be able to cut your losses significantly. If you’re looking to get into sports betting, take a look at our offers here today!